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*SHOUTOUT TO THE GSS- HOORAY! The long awaited sale is back!*

Wait a minute…don’t close this browser yet! Just to let you know, GSS is suppose to be a great time to stock up and save money! People do make use of annual sale to stock up some of their daily necessities. You must be thinking that they are finding excuses to go on a shopping spree, but hey, if they don’t stock up during this sale, isn’t it more expensive if they purchase the items they need when there is no sale?

Clothes are part of our necessities too. We do need to refresh our wardrobe once in a while right? We have been wearing the same old set of clothes for so long, I am afraid that the BF might start looking at other girls when we go out to pak tor. Lol.

Who says we need to go shopping malls to shop? There could be better deals online! Tee Empire is the website which you should frequently visit. Some of them are wayyyy cheaper compared to buying from malls.

Tee Empire -

Clicked on the pictures below to view our latest collection in details.

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