Auto-tier commission feature is available now!

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Auto-tier commission feature is available now!

Hello Affiliates,

We have a HOT feature update this week: Auto-tier commission, please check it out below:

What is a Tiered Commission Structure?

A tiered commission structure motivates you using commission rate tiers. Unlike flat commission plans, tiered commissions encourage you to hit sales milestones. As performance increases, you earn a higher commission rate.

Basic sales incentive plan awards 5% on every deal or per item. Tiered commissions, on the other hand, pay a rate until you hit a certain condition value.

We specifically reward affiliates who over-perform and, at the same time, motivate "the middle" tier to increase your performance.

You will get automatically leveled up once your performances meet the level condition set, the condition is based on:

  • Total referral order value 

Affiliates who have less than $500 in total referral sales (only sales of approved commission count) will be entitled to 5% of Sale Commission.

Those who reach $500 in total sales will be moved automatically to 10% of Sale Commission.

And once you get $1000 in total, you will jump to 15% of Sale Commission.

Join our Affiliate Program HERE if you have not done so.

That's all for today, hope you like this news. Just let me know how you think about this update.

We wish you and your family good health and stay safe!



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